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Pistalens is a company from Castilla la Mancha(Spain), land of Don Quixote. We are producers and distributors of Spanish pistachios (conventional and organic).

In inland Spain, with an extensive continental climate, We produce pistachios under strict parameters of food safety. Pistalens has official certification from the Spanish Organic Agricultural Committee CAAE (Comité de Agricultura Ecológica).  The company works exclusively with the Kerman and Larnaca varieties of pistachios, due to their organoleptic and gastronomic qualities.

Our pistachios, which according to experts, are the most tasteful in the world. We harvest, classify,and pack with the most modern technology. Strict analyses enable us to offer a product with the highest guarantees to consumers.

Pistalens became a reference point in the international marketing and processing of pistachios. Thanks to the knowledge and rigorous control of the processing which is carried out beginning with cultivation until it gets in the hands of the client, these pistachios are one of the best in the world.


Health and Quality


Food safety is more than a core competency at Pistalens Company. It’s a point of pride. The health and wellness of our consumers is a priority for everyone who comes into contact with our pistachios .

We process all our pistachios in separate facilities, eliminating the possibility of allergen cross-contamination. Pistalens mandates food safety awareness training at all levels of our organization, and our food safety outreach program invites academic and food safety experts to regularly review our internal systems and procedures.

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