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Pistachios Exporter

Our company exports Worldwide high quality Spanish pistachios. We are distributors of conventional and organic pistachios, all of them are processed following the tradition and the highest quality controls.






Expanding our Global Reach

We regularly attend international trade shows across the world and we work closely with our international clients to ensure we are responsive to emerging opportunities. We pride ourselves on the unparalleled quality, competitive pricing and customer support that differentiates us from the competition and encourages our long-term customers to work with us and new customers to seek us out.




Our global sales and marketing efforts are shaped by smart, integrated programs created by our award-winning in-house marketing, advertising and public relations teams. 

For health professionals, we communicate the goodness of eating pistachios , creating a healthy halo around our nuts by evangelizing pistachio health in new ways to new geographical areas and cultures.

As Pistalens continues to expand into the global market and further develop the pistachio category, the role of advertising and PR expands with it, along with our investment in health research and messaging, and the localization of resources and products in the market.

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